Format International



Format International is an independent software company specialising in recipe optimization, ingredient allocation and food and feed formulation solutions for animal feed, pet food, human food, premix and other industries.

Format Internationals suite of software, known as “New Century” (NC) offers a comprehensive range of modules to suit all requirements.. Exploiting 32-bit technology and a graphical user interface, these solutions offer robust, reliable, user-friendly and efficient tools for feed and food formulation.

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The software provides a range of modules to suit all requirements. Each installation is based around a core module which is responsible for the data management and least cost optimisation.

Other modules are added depending on the business model and requirement. Modules in the New Century™ range are provided to cover –

Core formulation database management
Single product optimisation
Multiple product optimisation
Multiple plant/time period optimisation
Multi component, nested product optimisation
Formulation archive and traceability
Product labelling
Production sheet printing
Formulation quality control and Bio-Security

SPESFEED represent Format International in Sub-Saharan Africa.