1 General News
2 Hen nutrition and it’s influence on progeny
3 The Effect of Stocking Rate on the
performance of growing pigs
4 Tilapia : the Broilers and Aquaculture?
5 A re-evaluation of the phosphorus
requirements of the broiler
6 Tips for Surviving Low Market Prices
As unlikely as it may seem to us at SPESFEED we
are about to enter our 15th year in business. You
would have thought that by now things would be
running smoothly in our industry, but as everyone
knows business is full of unexpected surprises. One
only has to look at what has happened to the
Sunflower oilcake price and supply during the last
few months to appreciate this.
In SPESFEED’s particular case, change has also
occurred. Walter has become more and more
involved in the day to day running of our new
venture Avi-Products. For this reason he will be
less involved in the consultancy side of the business
as time goes on, almost entirely because of the
travel that it involves. He is however still a vital
part of SPESFEED and will always be available for
consultation when needed.

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