General News
2015 has been the busiest year that SPESFEED has ever had – so much so that producing a newsletter proved to be very difficult. In addition, the growth of our subsidiary company, Avi-Products has been excellent, with the products we manufacture for the SPAR group becoming their leading sellers in each of the three major pet food categories (Premium, Standard and Econo). I do need to communicate the fact that we will be closing our office in Rivonia, and although Bianca will remain in the services of my brother Russell and his partner Roger Graham, she will effectively be leaving us. Thank you Bianca for 12 years of loyal service. The phone number that we have had since the inception of the business will continue to function for a period of six months. It will be replaced by a line into our switchboard in the Avi-Products factory in Durban. Our new landline number will be + 27 31 766 0016.

Lastly, we are in the process of changing internet service provider (from MWEB to Afrihost). There may be some interruption in service, but the 90% cost saving will make it a small inconvenience.