General News
Our industry has gone through a tough couple of years. Feed prices have been high and there have been reductions in the number of broilers produced and the size of the national laying flock (SAPA, 2104). Demand for feed has declined, while new milling capacity has come on line, meaning that margins in the feed sector are likely to be under pressure for some time. The good news is that ingredient prices are down, and the government appears to have a will to offer the industry some protection from cheap imports. I hope that this will allow us to go through a phase of consolidation and possibly growth.
Spare a thought for Zimbabwean animal producers though. The government in that country has set the maize price at $ 390.00/ton – and banned the importation of feed from Zambia and South Africa. This effectively means that Zimbabwean poultry products can not be competitive in the African market in general.

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