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The year has begun with a dramatic decrease in the oil price. Globally, the prices of oil and grain have become linked – which can only be good for animal agriculture. Sadly though, US fuel makers have to include a fixed percentage of ethanol in their products so demand formaize ethanol production is unlikely to decrease. On a less positive note, oil has regained some of its lost ground, and the minister of finance has increased the taxes we pay on fuel. In January and February, I did an extended trip to Europe, visiting countries and companies in both the West and East. The Eastern Europeans tend to used maize and sunflower based diets, very similar to those in South Africa. Western European diets are based on wheat and contain a fair amount of rapeseed. A Dutch nutritionist explained to me how some German supermarket chains have set a date by
which all imported soya products should be removed from layer diets. It is disconcerting that supermarkets are dictating how we should feed poultry, and our European colleagues are in for a challenging time.

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