Tough economic times have led to a changing agribusiness landscape. Some companies are officially in financial distress, and while some consolidation has already occurred, this is a trend that is likely to continue. Of interest is the fact that Nutreco has entered the South African market through the purchase of Advit. Some of you may well remember that one of the previous owners of Advit, Christél Coetzee worked for SPESFEED. We wish her and her husband Ollie all the best for their new lives down at the coast.

I am often asked why I persist with the SPESFEED News. The answer is fairly simple. I find that writing things down in some sort of logical order straightens out my thinking and consolidates my knowledge. This was brought home to me yet again when I started my report on the Poultry Science Association meeting covered in this newsletter. I found that I had to return to my notes (some of which I managed to mislay) and/or the abstracts a scant two days after the event to remember what was said. That having been said, the PSA meeting was most worthwhile, and the friendliness shown by everyone was amazing.

Whilst on the subject of writing, I attended that AFMA course on technical writing organised by Dr Pieter Henning which I really enjoyed. I learnt a few things for sure! I would suggest that if you write magazine articles or marketing material that you attend any future event.

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