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3 Fibre in Layer Diets
4 Nutritional Issues Facing The Swine Industry.
5 IPE – Atlanta
This newsletter marks the 20th anniversary of SPESFEED as an entity. I can
assure you that no one is more surprised by this event than Walter and I.
Much has changed during the 20 years that we have been active as
independent nutritionists, not only in terms of agribusiness, but also in
terms of the way in which we conduct our own business. From an animal
production point of view, the genotypes that we are required to feed have
continuously improved. In broad terms, or animals now require more
protein in their diets relative to energy to meet the requirements for
improved growth and egg production. The other significant change has been
the consolidation of production into fewer, ever-larger companies. In terms
of broiler production, seven companies now produce 78% of South Africa’s
broilers, with other smaller producers being responsible for the remaining
22%. This has created opportunities for skilled operators in niche markets.

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