1 General News
2 Organic Broiler Production
3 Distiller‟s Grains
4 Feeding Strategies for Difficult Times
6 Worldwide Phosphorus Shortage
7 Can Computers Feed your Animals?
As we enter what is the most difficult season for animal production, protein prices
continue at their high levels. I had hoped that there would be some relief on the
maize front, but this now seems unlikely. There is more bad news regarding the
costs of phosphorus (see article below), methionine, choline and many of the other
vitamins. Those of us who manufacture and/or use ruminant diets will be aware of
just how much the urea price has increased. The world price for this commodity was
$ 400 in April and is predicted to increase to about $ 550 by June, on the back of a
Chinese export ban.

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