Autumn 2017

I must start by apologising for having been a little tardy getting this Edition of SPESFEED News finished. I suppose I have been caught up in the general malaise of the industry and the country as a whole. Hopefully the excellent maize crop this year will give us all cause for some optimism. May saw… Continue Reading

Spring 2016

Tough economic times have led to a changing agribusiness landscape. Some companies are officially in financial distress, and while some consolidation has already occurred, this is a trend that is likely to continue. Of interest is the fact that Nutreco has entered the South African market through the purchase of Advit. Some of you may… Continue Reading

Winter 2016

2016 is proving to be as difficult a year as was expected. Despite the fact that global prices of grain and soya beans is moderate, supply problems and a weak currency have meant we have not seen this in South Africa. Interestingly, SAPA predict that the egg price is likely to increase before the price… Continue Reading

Summer 2016

2015 was a busy year for me, and resulted in my missing the deadline for the third newsletter of the year. I visited 35 countries (if you include the Western Cape that is) last year, and was involved in feeding poultry from the Sahara desert where the temperature often exceeds 40 degrees plus to the Russian steppes where temperatures can drop… Continue Reading

Winter 2015

General News 2015 has been the busiest year that SPESFEED has ever had – so much so that producing a newsletter proved to be very difficult. In addition, the growth of our subsidiary company, Avi-Products has been excellent, with the products we manufacture for the SPAR group becoming their leading sellers in each of the three major pet food categories (Premium, Standard… Continue Reading

Summer 2015

General News The year has begun with a dramatic decrease in the oil price. Globally, the prices of oil and grain have become linked – which can only be good for animal agriculture. Sadly though, US fuel makers have to include a fixed percentage of ethanol in their products so demand formaize ethanol production is unlikely to decrease. On a less… Continue Reading

Spring 2014

General News Our industry has gone through a tough couple of years. Feed prices have been high and there have been reductions in the number of broilers produced and the size of the national laying flock (SAPA, 2104). Demand for feed has declined, while new milling capacity has come on line, meaning that margins in… Continue Reading

Winter 2014

General News I keep vowing not to travel as much as I have been but this just does not seem to happen. Although tiring, seeing new things and learning about new systems is very stimulating. In May, I attended an event run by DSM on the use of exogenous protease in pig and poultry diets.… Continue Reading

Summer 2014

INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1 General News 1 Courses and Publications 2 Some Impressions of India 2 Australian Poultry Science Symposium 3 Early chicken nutrition 3 Feed ingredient quality 5 Gut health and poultry production 6 Leg Health   This year marks the 25th year of SPESFEED’s existence. This milestone would not have been possible without the support of all of our clients, colleagues… Continue Reading

Spring 2013

INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1 General News 2 Pre Congress Meetings 3 Developments in Feed Raw Materials 3 Protein Scarcity and Utilisation 4 Feeding Strategies 5 Feed and Water Intake 6 Trends in Layer Nutrition   It is said that the dilemma of the modern era is not to find relevant information, but rather to know what information can be safely ignored. I… Continue Reading

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